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Goals for this blog

I can’t immediately give up my corporate jargon and penchent for flow charts and goal-oriented workflow.  And no, I have no idea if that even makes sense.  It just seemed like it might have been something I used to say.

I do however have a few things in mind I would like to accomplish with this blog:

1) Feed my ever-growing ego through blog stats and comments

2) Provide a frequently-updated blog for other fathers … a community really for a silent minority

3) Provide an insight into the father for mothers … a resource really for the (all too) vocal majority

4) Develop a cathartic method for arranging my thoughts … better than scrawling them on the mirror in lipstick

5) Hopefully introduce people to some of my passions so that they may be better understood and enjoyed by more

6) Introduce some music to my readers that is most likely not playing on their local top-40 station.  I am not a music snob and I do not own a Britney Spears CD.  I think that classifies me as an expert for the masses.

7) Cease making lists of goals for silly things like blogs.


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