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Domesticated, Not Demasculinized

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Unlike when I’m trying to decipher my brother’s Chemistry gibberish, I think most of the words and expletives I use to describe my life are self-explanatory.  I suppose there are a few things that might need definitions.

Cheeseburger, Coke, Chicken Nugget, French Fry: My oldest daughter, upon the birth of our youngest, decided to relate our family to her favorite thing in life…McDonalds.  That freaking clown not only litters my house with worthless, plastic Chachkes, but he inspires my daughter’s creativity.  She determined that I am Cheeseburger, my wife is Coke, the youngest is chicken nugget and she dubbed herself french fry.  To protect the (not so) innocent, I will use these names instead of our given ones.  I don’t want anyone in this blog or who reads this blog to end up on an MSNBC expose.

SAHer: Stay-at-homer…dad or mom.

DOATMON: Dad of all Trades, Master of None.

MILP: Mom-I’d-Liketo-Playdate.

Pity Da Fool: Mom who looks at DOATMON with varying degrees of condescending pity.


2 Responses to “Definitions”

  1. nocodad said

    I love your defintions. Fellow SAHDer here. MILP cracks me up. PDF too since I am such a Mr. T fact hound. Fun blog.

  2. […] mystique of the stay at home dad MILP – Mother I’d Like to Play-date“.  It’s completely irrelevant to this post but its […]

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