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Domesticated, Not Demasculinized

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About Me and My Brood

I guess if you care enough to read my blog, you might have some interest in the person who writes it.  But I warn you…I’m a cliche wrapped in a, well, cliche.  But one that’s even more cliched.

I am an early-30s, liberal arts college-educated father of two who defied his indoctrination and to this day still considers himself a Republican.  But I have to say, the Libertarian component of my ideology is creeping up the more social freedoms are removed (i.e. poker).

My wife is beautiful…everyone will agree I “out-kicked my coverage” in marrying her almost 10 years ago.  She is an incredibly successful political animal that has managed to avoid the siren’s song of elected office to sit on the other side of the desk and lobby for important issues.  Well, now it’s important issues.  Before, it was various items of women’s clothing and expensive beauty products.

With all due respect to Dennis Green, I am who this blog thinks I am.  I am truly a Jack of All Trades and Master of None. I have done everything from handicapping horse races on television to writing direct mail fundraising letters for middle-of-the-political-road groups like the NRA, I’ve been paid to help Wal-Mart build more stores in parts of my state and I’ve been paid to lobby/influence legislation in over 15 states in the good old US of A.

My primary “recreational” activity is playing poker.  I am an advocate for the game and play every chance I get.  I also enjoy fishing, playing nerdy video games, watching hockey, reading, cooking, promoting agriculture and horse racing.  I have always written, but never considered myself a writer.  And yet, I find myself gravitating more to the written word, whether through journalistic or creative mediums.  All of the aforementioned play integral parts in my life and are WAY beyond hobbies.  Such is the blessing/curse of my painfully addictive personality.

And yet, 315 words later, we arrive at my passion and my true raison d’etre.  My children.  In both my darkest moments and my highest highs, it is my two daughters who provide my focus.  And it is about them and for them that this blog truly exists.  I made a choice to stay home with them.  I made a choice to give-up my career.  I didn’t get laid off or fired or put on temporary leave.  I set aside my (rather healthy) ego and ignored cultural mores to provide stability, structure and constant adoration to my two princesses.

But sometimes I wonder who is the provider and who is the recipient.

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