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Yes, I’ve been hiding…

Posted by doatmon on September 1, 2009

I apologize for my mini-absence, but I have been coordinating TV appearances and autograph signings following my big appearance in The Other Paper last week.  Sadly, I’ve also been dodging some toilet paper and eggs.

One quick note about the story.  I think Lyndsey did a good job with it and I was happy she included some comments by Joe Schatz over at dad-blogs.  That said, I think I came across a little harsh in the early portion of the story.  I have not tried to access any ad revenue as of yet, nor is that my intention.  Which is good.  Considering most of my readers share my last name.

And contrary to some water cooler discussions, I am not jealous of any success “mommy bloggers” might be having.  I am in fact, in awe of much of what has been accomplished in the parenting blog space.   I was simply expressing my desire for the offerings to be a little more “equal.”  And since, I have been informed of MANY fantastic daddy blogs that I have started to read.

The flipside of my exposure to some of these daddy blogs is the reason for my post today.  Other daddy bloggers have also come to my site, messaged me on FB, left comments on the blog and generally made me feel quite welcome in their growing community.  And as a result, I have stopped writing, crawled into my shell and started simply reading blogs of fishing reports for places I’ve never been and fish I’ll never catch.

Wait, what?

In the words of the immortal Cuba Gooding, Jr.: “Those are the ABC’s of me, baby.”

Few in my real life would understand this, well, fear.  I am not exactly a wallflower or concerned about how I am received.  I am the guy who eats multiple sugar packets for money.  The guy who once earned a nickname in high school for sitting down with a group of very attractive girls from a rival high school and eating a bowl of whipped cream without utensils.  The guy who runs through his fraternity house wearing nothing but a silk Three Musketeers Halloween costume and screaming, “It is I…Don Fernando.”


But that is real life.  I am finding my online persona to be the exact opposite.  Maybe it’s the sheer size of these interconnected tubes or the anonymity of never knowing who is reading your blog.  Or perhaps the feeling of utter inadequacy when faced with the multitude of writers infinitely more talented than myself who have displayed a discipline to write that has always eluded me.

Whatever the reason, I have stopped writing and even stopped reading blogs out of a fear of this community that I am on record as seeking out.

If your head hurts, imagine being my wife.  I am a mess.  And not even a hot mess.  Just a mess.

I will get over this eventually.  I will return the blog love I have been receiving and will become an active part of this community which has been so friendly and so accepting of me in a VERY short time.  But as of right now, I am frightened, anti-social and immersed in stories of peacock bass.

Love me or hate me.  It Is I…Don Fernando.


3 Responses to “Yes, I’ve been hiding…”

  1. Your feelings are completely understandable! I wish you the best and a speedy return to blogging. I’m looking forward to reading more. Like others have said, don’t blog for the people, blog for yourself. Screw the bad things that people have to say, and only focus on you and your family

  2. Hey, maybe you should try donning a costume again. I can suggest some if need be.
    At the very least, it may give you some blog fodder.
    I, as a not so successful mommy blogger, think the article was great and wasn’t offended by any means.
    Keep writing (yes, I read your message before I checked to see if you posted). 😉

  3. lynn craig said

    I also thought the article was great and wasn’t offended. I know what it is like to be new to blogworld…I feel like I’ve just entered a new cul de sac and everyone knows everyone -and are really great friends. I does feel like a frat house where you have to wear a costume of sorts and scream to get attention.
    Just keep writing.
    Write what moves you on the days you feel like blogging.

    I bet there are a bunch of us here who know nothing about the fish you are now so informed about!!!

    I’ll be back to read more!

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