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My Wishes for my Daughters (via Marc Broussard lyrics)

Posted by doatmon on September 16, 2006

This is my response to AGAIN being tagged.  Sheesh.  Luckily for me, my wife, my lawyer and my place of employment, this one has nothing to do with sex.  Check that, my lawyer really enjoyed the one about sex.  Those people that work by the hour…sheesh.  Lawyers are almost worse than PR people.  Almost.

So this tag is five things that I wish for.  I’m going to take a little different approach with this than my buddy Jim did.  His goal was to be as greedy as possible.  And I respect him for it.  I hope he gets what he wants.  Especially the rapid demise of the energizer bunny.  But I’m going to use this as an excuse to “pimp” a song I learned about on myspace.  I have been wanting to post these lyrics for awhile now, but haven’t found the appropriate time/reason.  Thank you Jim.

One of the serendipitous parts of myspace has been the expansion of my musical repertoire.  And by expansion, I mean creation.  Music has never been a big part of my life.  Those of you that have read this or my profile know that.  It ALMOST was a big part of my life when that hot cashier at Big Bear asked me to go to the Chicago concert with her.  I was 16, she was 20.  Match made in heaven.  Sadly, she and her boyfriend reconciled  and I got the invite yanked.  Thankfully though, my parents, thinking my desolation was due to just wanting to go see Chicago, took me instead.  And we saw the cashier there.  Good times.

But I now have branched out beyond Chicago (and the guy waving the flag at the reggae concert).  I’ll give proper credit where credit is due and thank my friend Annie for “turning me on” to this singer.  Wow…that was almost the last blog tag.  Kick save and a beauty.  The guy’s name is Marc Broussard.  He’s soulful, bluesy, slightly corny at times in his lyrics, but overall very enjoyable.  His “hidden” track on his CD Carencro is a song called Gavin’s Song.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot find the inspiration for this song, but I have posted the lyrics below.  Hopefully the reason for their pertinence to this blog tag will become readily apparent:

I wish you freedom
I wish you peace
I wish you nights of stars that beckon you to sleep
I wish you heartache that leaves you more of a man
I wish I could be there, but I can’t

I wish you places that sit so still
Where people never ever change and never ever will
I wish I could hold you and make you understand
I wish I could be there, but I cant

Be good for your mama
Cause she’ll need a hand to hold
Boy, she loves you
More than you’ll ever know
There are rhymes and there are reasons
And times when nothing stayed the same
But you know my love still remains

I wish you wisdom
I wish you years
I wish you armies to conquer all your fears
I wish you courage for all that life demands
I wish I could be there, but I can’t

Be good for your mama
Cause she’ll need a hand to hold
Boy, she loves you
More than you’ll ever know
There are rhymes and there are reasons
And times when nothing stayed the same
But you know my love still remains

I wish we were together
I wish I was home
I wish there were nights where I was never alone
I know I’ve said it but I’ll say it once again
I wish I could be there, but I can’t

Taken without the music, I think Emily Dickenson is safe.  But add the haunting acoustics and it’s an impactful accomplishment in music.  And it certainly made me wish I had some musical talent or even some vague ability to write poetry.  But boiled down at its essence, my five wishes, with a nod to Mr. Broussard, are my five wishes for my daughter, Sidney and her unborn sister:

1. I wish you self-esteem and an undeniable sense of your own immense self-worth.
2. I wish you do a better job than your dad of listening to the great “Jimmy V” from his “Don’t Ever Give Up” speech and I hope that EVERY day, you do three things: 1. You laugh.  2. You stop and think. 3. You cry.
3. I wish you find your spiritual place in this world.  Wherever that may be.   A Lutheran Church like your mom.  Deep in the Blue Ridge mountains like your dad.  Zen garden.  Wherever it is.  I wish you find it.
4. I wish you an appreciation of the diversity of this world.  Its people, its history, its food, its language, its natural beauty.  Every day truly is an adventure and I wish you revel in it, not be intimidated by it.
5. I wish you learn the unending joy and unspeakable emotions of having children.  There is nothing that approaches it in depth and strength of emotions.

Clearly, there are more than five, but that’s what I have…technically, I am supposed to “tag” five more people, but I am getting ready to board a plane and I will just have to hope that at least five of you carry this on in your own blogs.


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